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6mm Series

6mm Series

The 6mm Series from DRAGO is extending its product range of components of the interface technology of highest accuracy and reliability. The 6.2 mm narrow Modular case saves space in the cabinet. The auxiliary power can either be supplied via the connection terminals or via the In-Rail-Bus connector.

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High Functionality

High Functionality Series

With its introduction into the High Functionality - Signal Conditioners, DRAGO offers an equipment family that is without peer with regard to flexibility and quality, and which continues to be adapted and expanded to meet changing market requirements. The plug-in screw terminal blocks facilitate installation and start up testing. They permit prewiring and make a product exchange possible in seconds. The keying system makes a wrong reconnection of the terminals impossible.

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Tiny Snap

Tiny Snap Series

Because of the extremely small installation depth of only 60 mm, the Tiny Snap signal conditioners can also be installed in economical standard terminal boxes such as those frequently used for decentralized measuring points. A crossconnector for looping through the auxiliary power supply for up to 10 Tiny Snap signal conditioners ensures fast and economical installation. The slim housing with 11.2 mm wide saves significant space on the DIN-rail. Analog signal processing utilizing the new APT technology guarantees precise measured values with short response times and outstanding signal reproduction at the output – and all this with unparallel sturdiness and longterm stability of the insulation paths under tough industrial conditions.

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Alarm Units


Alarm units for limit monitoring and controlling automation processes. The high reliability and the protective separation are important characteristics, which guarantee the smooth plant operation. Two switch output channels can be configured independently. The switching point and hysteresis are each adjustable with a 12-turn potentiometer on the front panel. The switching status is indicated by a yellow LED on the front panel.

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Analog Embedded

Analog Embedded Series

With modules of the Analog Embedded Series you can assemble the electrical isolation directly into your target application - without renouncing on maximum functionality. Unique in its price class the DN 240M provides application flexibility thanks to the calibrated range. The input and output ranges can be switched easily via the wiring of pins - without readjustment. The 15.5 mm slim and compact module housing saves space in the target / customer application.

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Custom Made Solutions

Based on many years of experience, DRAGO Automation GmbH develops and manufactures the most up-to-date electronic components for automation technology. In its efforts, both the innovative technology as well as the high quality standards are convincing. High transmission accuracy, an environmentally conscious design, and extremely high reliability are performance characteristics with which DRAGO redefines the field of interface technology. When it comes to individualized solutions, the know-how advantage of our development team stands ready to serve. This allows us to offer customer-specific solutions with the proverbial DRAGO quality in the shortest possible time; solutions which, as a result of individualized consultation, optimally meet all customer needs, including their economic ones.

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