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New Products:

The lean solution

2 Channel Isolation Amplifier | 6 mm

The first active 2-channel isolation amplifier with a channel width of only 3 mm is suitable for a wide range of automation tasks, especially for applications with a high number of measuring points and limited space.

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1 Converter - 1000 Solutions

Functions Signal Converter

The DN 2050 functions signal converter offers four individually configurable I/O ports that can be used as analog or digital inputs or outputs. These I/O ports, as well as an additional switching output, can be ...

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Modbus I/O Modules

The Modbus I/O modules combine complex field and control requirements such as safe potential isolation, maximum signal integrity and highest reliability with fast measurement data acquisition and provision via fieldbus.

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DG 35300

Current Monitoring Relay

The configurable current monitor DG 35300 is used for limit value monitoring and evaluation of DC and AC currents. A relay switching contact or optionally a potential-free transistor switching contact (open collector) is available at the output.

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