Modbus RTU

New ultra-compact Modbus RTU I/O Modules

  • Freely scalable up to 247 units in one Modbus segment
  • Extremely slim, only 6.2 mm installation width
  • Easy configurable via DIP switches or USB interface
  • Highest accuracy and temperature stability
  • Protective galvanic separation between all circuits, test voltage 3 kV AC
  • In-Rail-Bus Connector for Power and Modbus
  • Protection against overvoltage, polarity error and short circuit at all terminals
  • Long service life, extremely low failure rate due to reduced self-heating
  • Made in Germany, 5 Years Warranty

The DRAGO Modbus RTU I/O Modules combine complex field and control requirements such as protective galvanic isolation, maximum signal integrity and highest reliability with fast measurement data conversion and field bus provision.

Up to 4 fully isolated I/Os are available in the 6.2 mm slim modules. The configuration can be made via DIP switch or USB interface. In addition to standard signals, mA, V, mV, R, Pot, Hz, PWM and all current industrial sensors can be processed.

Power supply and bus connections are pre-wired on standard DIN rail by the In-Rail-Bus. All terminals are protected against short circuit, overvoltage and polarity reversal. The protective galvanic isolation with 3 kV test voltage permits working voltages up to 300 V. A low bus load allows up to 247 modules (988 I/Os) in one Modbus segment.

The low-power design ensures minimum self-heating for a wide temperature range. The high separation quality and short response time guarantee an economic integration in new plants and retrofit projects.

DMB 96500 - Universal AI/DI Module

  • High performance measuring input for all industrial sensors
  • Uni-/Bipolar and TRMS capture of current and voltage
  • Easy configurable by DIP switch or USB interface
  • 15 User Settings, directly selectable via DIP switches
  • Highest accuracy, measuring resolution up to 24 bit
  • Fast measured value processing, high data rate

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Pt, Ni, TC, KTY, R, Pot, mV, V, mA DC/TRMS, Frequency, PWM
16 V Transmitter Supply

DMB 96100 - Standard Signal AI Module

  • Precise capture of industrial standard signals
  • Excellent EMC performance and noise suppression
  • Supply of 2/3-wire transmitters
  • Easy configuration, fast commissioning
  • Maximum reliability and durability

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0/4 … 20 mA
0/2 … 10 V
0/1 … 5 V
16 V Transmitter Supply

DMB 96200 - 4 Channel AI Module

  • Measuring and processing of 4 industrial standard signals
  • Each channel programmable as current or voltage input
  • All inputs individually safely galvanically isolated
  • Fast signal acquisition, short processing times
  • Extremely low costs per input channel

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0/4 … 20 mA
0/2 … 10 V
0/1 … 5 V

DMB 96700 - 4 Channel DI/DO Module

  • 4 independent controllable digital I/O channels
  • Each channel programmable as input or output
  • Extensive programmable operating functions
  • Universal Open-Collector output
  • Status indication for each I/O channel

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Binary Input
5 V / 12 V / 24 V

30 V / 100 mA

DMB 96800 - 4 Channel Relay Module

  • 4 independent power relays, make or break contact
  • Programmable switch-ON and switch-OFF behavior
  • Extensive programmable operating functions
  • Monitoring functions for operating conditions
  • Status indication for each relay

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SPST Power Relay
250 V AC / 30 V DC / 2 A

Actual Modbus Flyer

The flyer contains an overview of the Modbus device series at DRAGO.