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Programming and diagnostics program

Current version: 3.10.0

The program DRAGOset is used for programming all DRAGO devices and transmitters that are equipped with an interface. For our Modbus devices, please use the program DRAGOmodbus. This manual describes the basic operation, but individual parameters depend on the type of device connected. For the individual device types there are corresponding subpages, which describe exactly the device parameters. The device-specific pages can be found under "Supported devices".

Program functions

  • One program for programming and diagnostic functions for all digitally adjustable DRAGO devices with interface
  • Clear setting of all device features
  • Quickly distribute your specific factory setting
  • Programming without additional equipment cabling
  • Diagnostic functions of the device and the integration into your system
  • Documentation of your measuring point
  • Tips for wiring depending on your settings

Device selection

Select a device, and then click [Select Device]. If you have already connected the device using the interface cable, simply click [Automatic Selection].


In the Settings menu, select the desired language.
In the menu item "Communication", set the COM port of the interface cable.