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The Problem

The physical measured parameters (e.g., temperature, pressure) that need to be monitored in order to control manufacturing processes are transformed into standardized electrical signals with the aid of measuring transducers. Frequently, these standard signals must travel through many hundreds of meters of wiring from the factory floor to the central controller in the control room. Along their route, the signals are subjected to a variety of interference sources and travel through numerous couplings. In order to obtain optimum signal quality, as well as for reasons of safety, the signals must undergo electronic preparation and galvanic separation with the aid isolating amplifiers.

The Innovation

Economy, equipment safety, and component availability are all vital factors for automation technology. Particularly the aspect of availability presents problems due to the large number and variety of the measurement signals. It is for this reason that DRAGO has equipped its DN 2000 series of isolating amplifiers with a calibrated measurement range selection. Signals can be easily and simply switched with the aid of a DIP-switch. No subsequent readjustment is required. The isolating amplifiers can be adjusted onsite with a minimum of effort, which saves both availability and stock costs.

The Technology

The primary focus during equipment development is on safety and reliability. The foundation for this is a specialized switching technology, whose extremely low power loss is a significant factor in practically avoiding selfgenerated heat and the resulting aging of the employed components. In turn, this results in extremely high reliability and longterm stability. Integrated safety components to protect against overloads together with high limit load reserves are additional measures to guarantee safe equipment operation.

The Concept

As part of a unified equipment concept, all important functional components are available from DRAGO. The extremely slim housing saves space in the switch cabinet and, as a result of the practical plugin clamps, makes installation easier. A simple unit lock which provides access to all operating elements, even on a DIN-rail, helps to make adjustments straightforward. The new universal power pack for 20...253 V AC/DC ensures that all components can be used anywhere in the world, with any local mains power supplies. Additional advantages include the lack of impairment due to strongly fluctuating industrial mains, unit protection against destruction due to incorrect mains voltages, and a high level of availability for maintenance and expansion tasks offered by the variant freedom.