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Based on many years of experience, DRAGO Automation GmbH develops and manufactures the most up-to-date electronic components for automation technology. Based on a special design concept we can offer custom-specific solutions also for small quantities economically.

New Presentations

2 Channel Isolation Amplifier with 6 mm

2 Channel Isolation Amplifier with 6 mm

The lean solution
- save space
- save time
- save costs

Outstanding performance

  • Only 3 mm per channel
  • Highest precision and signal quality
  • Calibrated range selection
  • Short response time
  • Wide temperature range

No compromises

  • True 5-port isolation
  • Test voltage 3 kV
  • Free configurable
  • Installation via In-Rail-Bus

Function Signal Converter

Function Signal Converter DN 2050

1 Converter
1000 Solutions

Simply select device function:

  • Signal Splitter
  • Clipping Isolation Amplifier
  • Inverse Isolation Amplifier
  • Split Range Isolation Amplifier
  • Signal Comparator
  • MIN/MAX Separator
  • 2-Channel Isolation Amplifier
  • Signal Distributor
  • Switch Amplifier
  • Limit Alarm Unit
  • Adder/Subtractor
  • and many more

Ultra-compact Modbus I/O−Modules

Ultrakompakte Modbus I/O-Module

4 fully isolated I/Os are available in slim modules

The DRAGO Modbus I/O Modules com­bine com­plex field and control re­quire­ments such as pro­tec­tive gal­vanic iso­la­tion, maxi­mum signal in­te­gri­ty and high­est re­lia­bi­lity with fast acqui­si­tion of mea­sure­ment data and pro­vi­sion via field bus.

Power supply and bus connec­tions are pre-wired on stan­dard DIN rail by the In-Rail-Bus. All ter­mi­nals are pro­tec­ted against short cir­cuit, over­vol­tage and po­la­ri­ty reversal.

DRAGO Signal Converters with Ex und UL Approval

6 mm Signal Converter now with ATEX, IECEx and UL Approval

For Separation and conversion of industrial signals the ultra-slim units of the new 6 mm series offers highest equip­ment safety and reliability. Now the utilization has been extended to the explosive area, Zone 2. The compre­hensive appro­vals allow appli­cations world­wide in all branches of factory auto­mation and process automation.

DRAGO Signal Converters with Ex und UL Approval

DRAGO Signal Converters

• Temperature Transmitters
• Universal Transmitters
• Standard Signal Isolation
• Passive Isolators
• Bipolar Isolation Amplifiers
• Shunt/mV Isolation
• Repeater Power Supplies
• Repeater Power Supplies
• Signal Splitters/Repeaters


6mm Series with Analogue Output

The 6 mm series with contacts for In-Rail-Bus in the DIN-rail simplifies the supply of power significantly. Via an In-Rail-Bus power terminal the power supply can feed up to 80 devices, also as redundant connection.

6 mm Series with In-Rail-Bus