Frequently asked questions

What is meant by MTBF?

The MTBF, the average time until a failure occurs (MeanTime Between Failures), is a measure for the frequency with which the components fail. The greater the time, the longer is the period until a potential failure takes place.
There are two known standards for determining the MTBF value: the Siemens standard SN 29500 (2000/2004) and the military standard, MIL-217F, notice 2.

The device components used are assessed according to defined criteria for both of the standards. Depending on the mechanical structure and the load values, so-called FIT values are defined in the circuitry for each component. All the FIT values added together give the total FIT, which is then converted into hours or years and stated as the MTBF.

For example, our type DN 1012 loop-powered isolator has an MTBF of 1597.0 years according to the Siemens standard.

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