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Can I adapt the measuring range of the measuring transducer to my application?

The temperature measuring transducer of the High Functionality series gives you the option of using the DIP switches to adapt the beginning of measurement and its scope and the ZERO and SPAN potentiometers to your application.

The measuring transformers in the favourably-priced Tiny Snap series have to forego setting elements owing to the small structural size, so please specify your measuring range when ordering the measuring transformers. You will find an order code for the type range in the data sheet.

Is the output temperature or resistance linear?

The temperature-measuring transducers linearise the temperature characteristic of the connected sensor. A Pt 100 / Pt 1000 sensor changes its resistance with the temperature. However, the change is not linear over the temperature range, which means that without linearisation a crooked characteristic curve would result.

The built-in linearisation means that a measuring signal is made available on the output, which changes proportional to the temperature.

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