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How do I know the COM port number?

The COM port to which the USB converter is connected may also be displayed in Windows:

  1. Click with the right mouse button on the Windows start icon
  2. Select the Device Manager
  3. In the category "Ports (COM & LPT)" you will find the assigned COM port.

Do I have to connect power supply to the unit?

No, the auxiliary power for the programming is supplied via the interface cable. It should be noted however, that the output is not in function.

For the diagnosis of the measuring device when installed, the interface cable is also suitable.

Do I need administrator rights for DRAGOset?

No, the program DRAGOset can also be started directly, no installation is necessary. The optional Installation will setup DRAGOset user friendly with one icon on the desktop.

When you install the USB driver, administration rights are required because the drivers are integrated at the system level in Windows. The driver installation is required only once.

Do I need an installation of DRAGOset?

No, start of the exe-file is sufficient. The installation copies only DRAGOset to your hard drive and set up a desktop icon.

Where can I get the latest software version?

Here on this website you can always get the latest version of DRAGOset. After downloading, simply replace the EXE file or call the installer again. Your settings will be retained during the installation.
The current version of DRAGOset is 3.10.0

Why does DRAGOset not found the device at an other USB port?

For each USB interface Windows put on a separate COM port. Therefore, make sure, if possible, the USB converter always be connected to the same USB port.

For a different USB interface of Windows, a new COM port number is assigned. Enter this new COM port setting in DRAGOset menu "Settings | Communications".

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