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Programming and diagnostics program

System requirements

  • PC with Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • USB interface for interface cable DZU 1201

Installation or direct start of DRAGOset

DRAGOset must not be installed, you can simply run the EXE file "DRAGOset program direct" by double-clicking.

If you have downloaded the Installer for DRAGOset, this wizard guides you through the installation. It creates an icon on your desktop, allowing you to start DRAGOset. No additional DLLs are installed. The USB drivers are installed at the same time if desired.

You do not need administrator rights to run the program.

Installation of USB driver

The DRAGOset installer already installs the USB driver. However, if you want to run the program directly, the driver must already exist or be installed separately beforehand:

When you connect the USB converter to your Windows PC for the first time, Windows may ask for a USB driver. To install the driver, you must have administrative rights or contact your system administrator.

  1. Download the driver
  2. Unpacking the ZIP
  3. Start Exe-file
  4. Allow installation with [Yes]
  5. Follow the installation dialog
  6. Leave the checkmark at "Run Driver Install"
  7. Click at [Finish]
  8. The driver is now installed

After connecting to a USB port, the USB converter will be integrated in Windows. At the end of the installation the associated COM port is shown. This COM port is always restored if you re-connect the USB converter to the same USB port.