In-Rail-Mini Analog

for small applications with In-Rail-Bus

Cost-effective and fast solution for small In-Rail-Bus installations.

The In-Rail-Mini is used to put the supply voltage 24 V DC into the In-Rail-Bus connector. Line E is available for group messages, e.g. for a group error message.

The In-Rail-Minis are available for DIN rail heights of 7.5 mm and 15 mm (see order information).

  In-Rail-Mini Analog
Supply voltage 24 V DC (working range 16.8 V … 32 V DC)
Input current ≤ 1 A (Fuse recommendation 1.25 AT)
Modules amount Max. 7 DRAGO Modbus Modules DMB series
Group message E Group message
Connection (captive clamp screws) 0.08 ... 1.5 mm² / AWG 28 ... 18 with ferrule
Stripped length: 7 mm / 0.3 in
Screw terminal torque: 0.22 ... 0.25 Nm / 0.15 ... 2.2 lbf in
Dimensions DZU 1451: 35 x 7.5 mm DIN rail
DZU 1452: 35 x 15 mm DIN rail
Full length 70 mm, available module space 50 mm


Terminal assignments

Conductor strip E C D
Signal Group Message GND +24 V


Observe the installation position of the modules!
Do not snap the modules upside down.

In-Rail-Mini Analog


Product line

Product Order No.
In-Rail-Mini Analog for DIN rail 35 x 7.5 mm DZU 1451
In-Rail-Mini Analog for DIN rail 35 x 15 mm DZU 1452
Subject to change!
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