<p>Einspeiseklemme DZU 1401<br>Power terminal DZU 1401</p>

In-Rail-Bus Power Terminal

for installations with In-Rail-Bus system

Power terminal for installations with In-Rail-Bus system

The 6.2 mm wide Power Terminal DZU 1401 are used for supplying the In-Rail-Bus DIN rail connector with supply voltage up to 32 V DC.

The Power Terminal DZU1401 for standard applications with 4.5 A output current is able to power up to 120 signal converter.

  DZU 1401
Supply voltage ≤ 32 V DC
Input current ≤ 4.5 A
Recommended fuse 5 A Slow-blow
Drop voltage ≤ 0.2 V
Operating and fault indication
Feeding 2 inputs, directly coupled to In-Rail-Bus
Construction 6.2 x 96 x 107 mm

Product line

Description Order No.
Power terminal device for In-Rail-Bus, passive DZU 1401
Subject to change!
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