Modbus RTU Connection Module DMB 96000

for Modbus In-Rail Installations

The Modbus RTU Connection Module is used to connect the 24 V supply and the Modbus lines A and B to the In-Rail-Bus DIN rail connector.

The power supply and the Modbus lines are connected to the terminals of the module (either screw terminals or push-in terminals). The connection to the In-Rail-Bus DIN rail connector is made via the rear spring contacts. All other DRAGO I/O modules are thus pre-wired via the In-Rail Bus with power supply and bus lines.

DIP switches can be used to switch the termination and polarization resistors normally used for RS485 interfaces. An additional line is available for group messages, e.g. for a group error message, as far as this is supported by the I/O modules.

The Modbus RTU connection module can also be used for feed out, especially if further modules are to be connected in separate installations. Additional terminals for the bus lines are provided for this purpose.

Product line

Item Order No.
Modbus RTU Connection Module with screw terminals DMB 96000 B
Modbus RTU Connection Module with Push-In terminals DMB 96004 B
In-Rail-Bus see accessories  
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