Accessories an spare parts


Cross-connector for looping through the power supply for up to 10 Tiny Snap, splittable

Europa card for up to 4 Analog Embedded modules

Module configuration: with solder jumpers at the europa card
Connector: Type F according to DIN 41612
Front construction: 128,7 mm x 20,0 mm (3HE x 4TE)

Programming interface for transmitters
USB programming cable

Power terminal for installations with In-Rail-Bus system for standard applications with 4.5 A output current.

Power terminal for installations with In-Rail-Bus system with two separate and reverse polarity protected voltage inputs allow a redundant voltage supply and a maximum current of 3 A.

5-wire bus system for DIN rail,
various DIN rail profiles and bus lengths

Safety caps right/left as a spare part
(The kits includes safety caps)